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The group “Pelenai” was founded in 1996. The members of the group are professional musicians, all of whom have a musical education and before joining the group “Pelenai” played in other well-known Lithuanian groups (“Sledge Hammer”, “Blues Makers”, “Faktas”, “Volis”, with the performer Gytis Paškevičius, etc.). From the beginning, the group was accompanied by success. Already the first performance at the popular summer festival “NIDA ‘97” in 1997 was successful.

“Peleņu” song “Day turns into night” was recognized as the best song of the festival. In the same year, the vocalist of the “BRAVO” band Česlovas Gabalis was recognized as the best vocalist of the year at the prestigious music awards, and the song “Lopšinė” even received two prizes in the popular TV song contest “MUZIKINIS VIEŠBUTIS”. It was chosen as the best song by Lithuanian listeners and the commission awarded it 2nd place.

in 1998 In “MUZIKINIAME VIESBUTY” “Pelenai” group’s song “Liūdesios akys” (dedicated to the deceased drummer of the group Jonas Taločka) took 1st place. In the same year, Ch. Gabalis was again recognized as the best singer of the year at the “BRAVO” awards.

As from the beginning, as it is today, the group is accompanied by success. “Pelenai” performs stable concerts (about 70 concerts a year), participates in musical projects (with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra - “Rock Classic Metamorphoses”, “Latin Music Metamorphoses”, rock operas “Peras Giuntas”, “Jēzus Kristus Superstar” and others) . The band’s program includes not only original songs, but also hits by foreign artists.
Because Č. Gabalis The piece in Lithuania is also called the Lithuanian B. Adams, “Pelenai” has prepared projects by B. Adams and R. Stewart in its program. The group has performed both together and separately: in Poland, Germany, Malta, Sweden, Holland, Latvia, Bulgaria and the USA.

Česlov Gabalis - vocals
Gintas Banys - bass guitar, author of texts and music, manager
Roman Asmolkov - guitar
Audrius Piragis - guitar
Saulius Didiulis - keyboards
Vaidas Taurinskas - percussionists

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