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Los Angeles LB Splindulys

(The Sunbeam) is a multigenerational and internationally recognized Lithuanian folk dance ensemble, rich in history and activities, performing programs of Lithuanian folk songs and dances for six decades.  The group was established by Ona Ruztienė in 1949.

LB SPINDULYS, totaling over 100 members, is more than a dance group. It has created children’s music videos, has published a pictorial book, and traveled worldwide: to South America, Australia, and Japan as well as Lithuania. Founded in 1949 by Ona Razutienė, now expanded and directed by her daughter Danguolė Razutytė Varnienė, SPINDULYS has been encouraged and supported by generations of parents, and alumni, as well as the leadership of the Lithuanian American Community, Inc., the St. Casimir’s Parish of Los Angeles, and the Lithuanian Heritage School.

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