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Diamond Sponsors

  • Lietuvių Fondas

  • The Kling Family Foundation

  • Nijolė ir Vitalius Lembertai

Gold Sponsors

  • Raimundas, Rasa, Edmundas, Irena Šilkaičiai

  • Nijolė Glaze M.D

  • Algis & Vaida Mikuckiai

  • Sigute and Daniel Miller

  • CLCU - California Lithuanian Credit Union

  • Red Lion Tavern - Raudonas Liutas Inc.

Silver Sponsors

  • Ruta Lee

  • DE Architects, AIA

  • Violeta and Mindaugas Gedgaudai

Bronze Sponsors

  • Irena Raulinaitis

  • Jurate Raulinaitis & Kirk Sneider

  • Jonas ir Vida Jurkutaitis

  • Dainius Vaidila and Asta Grinis DDS

  • Antanas & Dalilė Polikaitis

  • Laima Baltrėnas

  • Alma ir Rimas Stočkai

  • Ruta Mulokas

  • Ingrida Jodelienė

  • Gidas Radvenis


This year marks the 36th anniversary of the Lithuanian Days Fair. The Lithuanian Days Fair Committee is working very hard to make this a memorable event.


As you may well know, there are many expenses associated with the Lithuanian Days Fair.  They include performers, equipment rentals, facility rentals, security, permits, insurance and many other items. We are respectfully requesting sponsors to help with the costs. Our goal is to raise $30,000.00.  These funds will help cover some of the expenses as well as help insure the future of the Lithuanian Days Fair.


We have established four sponsorship levels:


Bronze – up to $ 499.00


Silver - $ 500.00 - $ 999.00

Gold - $ 1,000.00 - $ 2,499.00


Diamond - $ 2,500+


The success of the Lithuanian Days Fair hinges not only on attendance, but also sponsorships. We could not make this happen without your generosity. Please consider a sponsorship level.


For more information please contact

Raimundas Šilkaitis (805) 744-7324


Lithuanian-American Community Inc., is a non-profit organization established in 1951 (TIN 363625439).


Donations can be sent to :

Lithuanian-American Community Inc. Los Angeles Chapter

22343 Cardiff Drive, Santa Clarita, CA 91350​




2022 Lithuanian Days Fair

Organizing Committee

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