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Eugenijus Dicevičius, (Augis), a singer/song writer from Lithuania started his music career about thirty years ago, in high school-of his home town Utena. He taught himself how to play the guitar. He then wrote his very first song with sophisticated, refined lyrics at the age of fifteen. Soon after, he became a member of his local band ‘Siela’, where he played solo guitar. Eugenijus left Utena to study in Kaunas University for some time. But as he returned to his home town in 1996, Eugenijus and his group of friends formed a new band called ‘Volens Nolens’. Though, the group never released a disc of their music, they attended various festivals, concerts and played at multiple social gatherings.

Currently, Eugenijus and his family resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also actively involved with the Lithuanian community. In addition, he hosts a Lithuanian radio show at the WJCU radio station every Sunday morning. Furthermore, a couple of years ago, he became the President of the Lithuanian Cultural Gardens of Cleveland Ohio.
Eugenijus(Augis) is a very enthusiastic person, who enjoys making people happy, represents his culture very vibrantly and lively, which he often expresses through his music and performance. Augis has performed for different Lithuanian communities, including Baltimore, Long Island, New Jersey, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Portland, Detroit, Rochester, oldest Lithuanian festival in Frackville PA, and others. Augis plays popular Lithuanian and English music of different generations along with his own songs and hopes you will enjoy his performance.


Eugenijus Dicevicius

Eugenijus Dicevicius
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