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Grand Marshall 2019

Violeta Gedgaudas

The Grand Marshal of the 33rd Lithuanian Days is Violeta Gedgaudas.


Violeta Gedgaudas, a child of Lithuanian refugees fleeing Soviet advance into their homeland, spent her childhood in Displaced Persons’ camps in Germany. With the help of St. Casimir Parish pastor Rev. Jonas Kučingis, in 1949 the family emigrated to the USA and settled in Los Angeles.  As a daughter of a “stage mother” who wrote poetry, Violeta soon became known for performing on stage and, as the Lithuanian Community grew, became active in the cultural life of St. Casimir’s parish, and was drafted into the Lithuanian organizational activities. She was elected president of the Lithuanian American Community Western Region and to its Board of Directors, appointed a representative of the Lithuanian Foundation and elected to its Board. With a Master’s Degree in Literature and Psychology, she was a teacher in public schools of Santa Clarita and also in the Lithuanian Heritage school at Los Angeles.  Two summers were spent in Lithuania with the APPLE Organization (American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education) training Lithuanian teachers in American teaching methodology.

Violeta is very grateful to her husband Mindaugas for support in these many endeavors, and rejoices in her children Dalius, Augis and Nida, and seven grandkids: Vaiva, Aidas, Ieva, Kovas, Brigita, Erika and Vincentas.