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Grand Marshall 2022

Eleonora Romuva

The Grand Marshal of the 36th Lithuanian Days is Eleonora J. Romuva

Eleonora was born and raised in Klaipeda, Lithuania. As a teenager she participated in Lithuanian historic events such as the Baltic Freedom Way, Roko March, the independence movement as well as the events that took place on January 13th. That priceless appreciation of unity and freedom is Eleonora's driving force, no matter where she is in the world or what she is doing. After going to Stockholm for "a year" in 2003 to complete her MBA program at the Stockholm School of Economics, she realized how important the role of every Lithuanian living abroad is, i.e., being an ambassador of their country and not losing their cultural identity is upmost importance. In 2005, together with like-minded people, she started the "Draugystes Tiltas" project for Lithuanian schools to share experiences, which continues successfully even today, traveling through various European countries every year. After arriving in Los Angeles in 2009 at the invitation of Warner Bros Entertainment to join the global marketing team, Eleonora founded the Lithuanian American Business Association in Los Angeles (LABA.LA) with like-minded people, the purpose of which is to bring together local professionals, share experience and knowledge, build bridges with the Lithuanian government and NGOs providing advice, consultations and assistance to Lithuanian companies trying to navigate the local California market. After the start of the war in Ukraine, Eleonora, together with the Lithuanian Consulate, the Lithuanian community, the Honorary Consul and other activists, formed "Team Lithuania" to coordinate initiatives to support Ukraine. Only by working together as a team can we be effective and achieve significant goals and results.

In her spare time, Eleonora, together with her son Jonas and his two dogs Drax and Ego, likes to chill in her garden under the orange trees in the village of North Hills or travel around the West Coast with her Sprinter.


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