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Grand Marshall 2023

Aidas Mattis

The Grand Marshal of the 37th Lithuanian Days is Aidas Mattis

Aidas J. Mattis, was born to Edward and Edita Mattis, two Lithuanian immigrants that met in Los Angeles and chose to raise their children Aras, Aidas, Daiva, and Daina actively in the Lithuanian American Community.  Aidas attended Lithuanian Saturday school, attended St. Casimir’s Church on Sundays and served as an alter boy for many years, was active in Lithuanian Scouts, performed with the Lithuanian dance group Spindulys and with the St. Casimir’s Choir, and went as a representative to the World Lithuanian Youth Organization Congress in Australia in 2000 where he met his future wife Daina Sliteryte.  He has continued to be active in the Lithuanian Community including, joining the San Francisco Lithuanian American Community Board while he was studying at UC Berkeley, was Co-chairman of Lithuanian Days in Los Angeles from 2004-2008, and he is currently the Treasurer for the Pacific Region of the Lithuanian Scouts Association, a wolf scout leader, and is a member of the Parent Committee for the Lithuanian Saturday School.

Aidas is a practicing physician, specialized in anatomic and clinical pathology, working for the County of Los Angeles, having completed his MD and PhD degrees at the University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign.  Daina and Aidas have two children, Neris and Rasa, who they are raising actively in the Los Angeles Lithuanian American Community as well.  Aidas and his Mother purchased the Red Lion Tavern, a well known Lithuanian hang out from where to this day they continue to support the Lithuanian American Community, including Lithuanian Days, in various ways.

Lithuanian Days has always been a very special event to Aidas, that he feels makes Los Angeles/California Lithuanians stand out from many of the other cities where expat Lithuanians are active.  Even though the Los Angeles Lithuanian community is smaller than some of the other expat cities, they somehow always come together to make things happen.  He is excited to see the event continue and praises the committee and all volunteers that help put the event on, as it is a monumental task.  He hopes you enjoy this year and encourages the attendees to consider volunteering or joining the committee to help run future Lithuanian Days Festivals.


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