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Musical Waves

"Musical Waves" is a musical group created by classical musicians, sisters, pianist Silvija and violinist Greta Velickaite, specifically for the annual Fest Lithuanian Fair Days. These sisters frequently perform at high-profile events such as the "American Icons Awards," "Luxury Gala," and the "Global Unity Foundation." Greta and Silvija have had the honor of performing at events graced by luminaries like James Cromwell, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Quincy Jones, and more.


 "Musical Waves" features Silvija's "Piano Band", along with solo performances and songs by talented young students. Audiences will be treated to a diverse repertoire, featuring famous classical pieces and enchanting Lithuanian songs, guided by the singing teacher, Rima Velickiene. These students also attend the St. Casimir Lithuanian Heritage School of Los Angeles.


"Musical Waves" beautifully blends genres, much like the fusion of flavors in Lithuanian cuisine, while celebrating the rich cultural traditions of Lithuania.


Musical Waves
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