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Povilas Meškėla

Povilas Meškėla - 1984 graduated from Vilnius J. Tallat Kelpša Higher School of Music, G. Narijauskas trombone class. 1986-1991 studied in the trombone class of G. Narijauskas of the Lithuanian Conservatory, 2004-2006. - S. Sasnauskas in jazz singing class. Since 2006 studies in A. Novik’s jazz and recreational singing class at Vilnius College.

1986-1991 he was the vocalist of the band “Katedra”. Later, he formed the rock group “Rojaus tuzai”, which in 2001 recognized as the best Lithuanian rock band. He sang in music performances - “Love and Death in Verona” by K. Antanelis (1996), “Peras Giuntas” (1998), “The Devil’s Bride” by V. Ganelin (2003) and “Paris Cathedral” (2009), participated in the projects “Classic Metamorphoses”, “Rock Classic Metamorphoses” and others. [1] On TV in 2006. He was a teacher of the participants of LNK’s musical reality show “Kelias ki szvetjes” in 2007. participated in the show “Road to the stars. Teachers’ Tournament”, together with the manager of the Russian Drama Theater Tatjana Rinkevičiene, he participated in the LNK musical show “Star Duets”, and in 2008 with journalist Živile Vaškyta - on the LTV music show “Lituvos dainų desutukas”.

Povilas Meškėla
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