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Loreta Janulevičiūtė

Loreta Janulevičiūtė is a singer, composer, teacher, member of the Lithuanian Union of Musicians. Loreta was born, grew up and studied in Kaunas, Lithuania. He loved music from an early age, he attended a children's music school, a violin class. Later, he graduated from the choral conducting department of Juozas Gruodis Conservatory in Kaunas.

After graduating, she worked as a teacher at the "Varpelios" music school. Later, he founded the children's pop singing studio "Tu ir Aš". He sang in the choirs of Gintaro and Crew Church. He had various concerts in Lithuanian cities and churches. She performed in the Lithuanian community of Sydney, and her songs were also broadcast on Sydney radio. After moving to the USA, he founded and managed the children's pop studio "Tu ir Aš" in Chicago and performed a lot at the events of the Lithuanian community in Chicago. Worked as a music teacher at the Lithuanian Saturday school in Lemont. Now he sings in the choir of the Lithuanian Opera of Chicago, and also organizes solo concerts in the Soul Gallery in the Lemont Center.

While living in America, she released 5 CDs, including 3 solo CD albums and a book of 10 original songs "Listen to your heart's beating". Her first original song "Prayer" was played at the unveiling of the monument to Pope John Paul II to his memory.

It is with great joy that Loreta Janulevičiūtė Mačiulis will perform for you at the Lithuanian Days in Los Angeles.

Loreta Janulevičiūtė
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