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Zita Indriūnienė & Ramutė Kraujalienė

The Consulate General of Lithuania invites you to learn the straw “Sodai” (“Gardens”) making craft techniques with Zita Indriūnienė and to see a special collection of folk motif ribbons presented by Ramutė Kraujalienė!

Zita Indriūnienė was born in Gučiavieta village, Utena district. She graduated from the Šiauliai Pedagogical Institute and was always fond of various handmade art crafts. Every year since 1996 she participated in folk-art exhibitions organized by the Utena Museum of Local History, in the exhibition of Nativity Scenes organized by the Rokiškis Museum. She participated in at least 19 different exhibitions. Zita Indriūnienė held straw weaving workshops in Antalgė, Pakalniai as well as showcases of the artworks created during those workshops. In 2007-2008, in the community of Leliūnai, she implemented the project called “Ką išmoksi – ant pečių nenešiosi” (direct translation - "What you will learn, you will not carry on your shoulders", edited the book “From Straw” in 2021.

Ramutė Kraujalienė is the chairwoman of the Vilnius City and Vilnius Region association of folk artists of Lithuanian folk artists' union. The main goal of these organizations is to connect folk artists, promote their creativity and craftsmanship by presenting Lithuanian folk-art exhibitions, organizing educational activities, fairs and workshops in Lithuania and abroad. During the past four decades ongoing and new projects are being aimed at popularizing Lithuanian folk art and traditional crafts locally and internationally.

Z. Indriūnienė will hold workshops of the straw “Sodai” (“Gardens”) making art for guests of Lithuanian Days at the Consulate booth, and R. Kraujalienė will present a special collection of folk motif ribbons. More information to come, follow Lithuanian Days announcements!


Indriūnienė & Kraujalienė

Zita Indriūnienė & Ramutė Kraujalienė

Consulate General of Lithuania booth:

Master Class of making Straw “Sodai” (“Gardens”) with Zita Indriūniene:

Saturday 1.00, 2.30, 4.00, 5.30 pm,

Sunday 12.30, 2.00, 3.30 pm.

A special collection of folk motif ribbons presented by Ramutė Kraujalienė: 

During the entire Fair.

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