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Audrius Piragis

Audrius Piragis, performer and author, started learning to play the guitar at a private music school at the age of 13. He was so impressed, after a couple of years of private lessons, Audrius entered the Talat-Kelpša Conservatory.
During training, he met Vladas Slavinskas (Slyva), a well-known Lithuanian jazz and rock guitarist. In addition, Vladas taught guitar at the Estrada department of the Vilnius Talat-Kelpša Conservatory.

Since then, passion for music and guitar has become an integral part of Audrius' life.

Audrius performs with different artists and in the groups "Rojaus tūzai", "Little by Little" and now with "Pelenai".

Audrius participates in various projects together with Tomas Varnagiris, for example, the surprising "Vivaldi and Rock".

Audrius Piragis
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