Tolimi Aidai  (translated as Distant Echoes) is a Los Angeles based Lithuanian men’s singing ensemble formed in 2010. All singers are second or third generation Lithuanian Americans, who, thanks to their parents and grandparents, have loved Lithuanian songs from a very early age. The group sings a cappella - without accompaniment. The singers perform traditional Lithuanian songs, original arrangements of modern pop songs from both sides of the Atlantic, along with pop, doo-wop, and barbershop tunes.

In addition to frequent L.A. performances, Tolimi Aidai have performed in San Diego, Hartford, Boston, Detroit, Washington D.C., Chicago, Toronto, New York, and last year in Lithuania.

Current group members include Danius Anelauskas, Kestutis Daugirdas, Virgis Kasputis, Linas Polikaitis, Stepas Puodziunas, Tauras Radvenis and Aleksas Vilkas.

Please enjoy listening to our inaugural released recording:


Tolimi Aidai