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Tomas Varnagiris

Tomas Varnagiris was born in 1973 02 28. He is on of the most active guitar players in Lithuanian music scene. Since 1989 he is playing in various Lithuanian rock bands. In 1997 he finished Vilnius Conservatory. In 2008 he released solo album „Vivaldi In Rock“, on that album he recorded „The four seasons“ written by A. Vivaldi with the electric guitar and drums. The whole idea of the album was to play original written parts with the rock band. With this project he toured neigbouring countries. Since 2001 he is a member of the band called „Aces of Paradise“. With this band he recorded 3 albums. „ Aces of Paradise“ was opening band for „Whitesnake“ in 1997, „ Def Leppard“ in 2003 and 2008, Robert Plant in 2007 and „Black Label Society“ in 2012. Musicians of the band suported John Lawton ( ex „Uriah Heep“) in 2006.

In 2013 he was musical producer of opera in rock project „VCO Rock“. Also he made lot of arangements of that project. In 2014 was released live recorded CD and DVD 'VCO Rock“. On 27 08 2015 with this project he performed in Germay, Duisburg at Haniel Klassik Open Air Festival. In 2016 february he appeared in international music project „ Vivaldi Metal Project“ with many world famous rock guitar players. He arranged the third track „ Vita“ of this project.
On 06 08 2016 he arranged and performed Vivadi „Four Seasons“ for rock band and Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra. Right know Tomas is working on some TV projects and also touring with some famous Lithuanian singers.

Tomas Varnagiris
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