​Folk dance group “Suktinis” was founded in February 2005. The first founders and managers were Salomėja and Vidmantas Strižigauskas. The current manager Giedrė Elekšytė-Knieža has been managing since 2009.

The most popular and most performing Lithuanian folk dance group in North America, “Suktinis”, has been presenting Lithuania at the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago for fourteen years in a row and has been cooperating with the Lithuanian Consulate General in Chicago for many years, preparing a Lithuanian program at events organized by Navy Pier. Also collaborated with the Lithuanian Opera in Chicago, preparing choreographic numbers and has been invited to numerous Lithuanian folk dance festivals in U.S. and Lithuania. In 2017 and 2018 “Suktinis” presented Lithuania at the famous Mc’Donalds Thanksgiving Parade live broadcast. Twice toured in Cleveland, Ohio and Madison, Wisconsin. For six years in a row (since 2007) appeared at the Lithuanian Day organized by the consulate at Dalley Plaza, Chicago’s main city square. In 2013 appeared in the Chicago Miss Lithuanian election program. In 2011 took part in a concert commemorating Tamara Kalibataitė’s work. In 2010 danced at the Sister cities festival at Millennium Park, located in downtown Chicago. In the spring of 2010 “Suktinis” participated in the International Dance Festival at Naperville City University Hall, Illinois. In 2006 and 2015 participated in a joint project with the jazz group Streetdancer (leader Kęstutis Stančiauskas). Included in a book published by the Lithuanian Community Educational Council. In the spring of 2017 “Suktinis” staged a theatrical concert “Devil’s Bride” with Jeronimas Milius, Povilas Meškėla. 2019 the choreographic group of the Lithuanian musical Šnekučiai, which has been shown twice in Chicago and in Cleveland.

Suktinis from Chicago