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Paul Strolia

Paul Strolia - Paul Strolia is the son of Faustas Strolia and the Grandson of Juozas Strolia. There is even a room at Klaipeda University named after the Strolia family! Expect a non-stop, high-energy performance as Paul engages the crowd in sing-a-longs, dancing and all out partying!

Paul is the most successful solo performer in Chicago! In Los Angeles this year he performs all of your favorite Lithuanian music by all of your favorite Lithuanian artists: Prūsaitis, Mamontovas, Sisters on
Wire, Paškevičius, Keistuolių teatras, Studija, Natalija Bunke, SEL, Foje, Rondo, Kerbedis, Hiperbole ir t.t.

Paul does compose his own original music too. You can find his composition “The Rain Song” (Ilgesio Daina) on Facebook with over 1 Million views!

He’s played in front of crowds from 25 to 25,000! Paul's philosophy is always the same: be so good and give them such a good time that they will remember you for the rest of their lives. Paul truly gives his all every performance.

Paul will sing his heart out for you! And you will dance & sing 100% Guaranteed!

Paul Strolia
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