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The Los Angeles dance group “Retro” has been active since 2003, when it first appeared in Lithuanian Days. The 20th anniversary is coming!

During those years, it is difficult to count how many dances, concerts and how many dancers participated. Both young and old danced together. Danced the 1920-1970 repertoire from can can to disco dances, but waltzes and tangos remained the most beloved. The group is diverse, Lithuanians and their spouses, not all of whom speak Lithuanian, but who like Lithuanian culture and dances. So it is not complete without national dances. The desire to participate in the festivities expanded the repertoire.

The group performed in almost all major Lithuanian communities - from the west coast to the east: San Diego, San Francisco, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Boston. At 3 North American dance festivals: Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia. 2 dance festivals were held in Lithuania in 2007. And in 2018 with a separate “Retro” concert in Vilnius in 2007.

A new generation has grown up. If we succeed, we will welcome the 20th anniversary with a new program in which the descendants of former dancers will participate. We look forward to seeing you at our concerts.

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