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Musical Waves

Musical Waves - performance born exclusively  for Lithuanian Days, consisting of different works, genres and executions.

Most of the participants are Los Angeles St. Casimir Lithuanian school students, who promote Lithuania in various fields. Performers prepared an instrumental and vocal program.

A talented 10th grade student Gabija Žukauskaitė will perform several songs from her repertoire. Gabija often participates in various projects and concerts and this year she won the second place in the “Children’s Talent Competition” organized by the LAC Culture Council.

10 year old pianist Greta Grigas, who won third place, also performed well in this competition. She started playing piano from an early age. Greta loves to play heavy, virtuoso pieces and this time, with the band’s guest drummer Tsugumi Shikano, will perform one of her works.

Piano teacher Silvija Veličkaitė brought her students together to perform a classical piece on stage, that will be supported by drums and violin. Talented young pianists will take part in the performance: Emili Kedytė, Dominykas Kajota, Julius Grigas, Dovis Gailiūnas, Helen R. and others.

The vocal group of music teacher Rima Veličkienė, consists of: Emilija Borvainas, Ariana Helmer, Karolina Bučinskaitė, Atėnė Monroy, Gabija Žukauskaitė, Julius Grigas, Greta Grigas, Benas Borvainas and friends, will perform fun songs from the Lithuanian repertoire.

Sisters Greta and Silvija Veličkaitės will perform a potpourri of Lithuanian retro songs with violin, keyboards and drums together with Tsugumi Shikano (a drummer of Japanese origin, a great teacher who regularly performs and participates in various projects).

Musical Waves
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