Kolorado Romas (Romualdas Zableckas)

Romualdas Zableckas a.k.a. Kolorado Romas - Lithuanian born musician with over 30 years of performance, including international experience. Sings in many different languages but fluent only in four: English, Lithuanian, Polish, and Russian. Plays bass guitar, guitar and drums. Performed different styles of music in his music career including blues, country & western, country rock, European pop music, German polka's, Russian chestushka's, Gypsy's romance's, Reggae, soft rock, hard rock and heavy metal.

Poet, songwriter. Recorded six own albums and several projects for others. His last album “Akmeninis sodas” at this time is in production. In '80s created underground Lithuanian heavy metal band "Viedras", "The Bucket". The band is listed in the encyclopedia of the Lithuanian rock. Since 1990 lived in Colorado, where he translated the songs of "The Bucket" in English and recorded the album "Born in Lazdijai",

Romas was the first in the US to produce a children's CD in his native language "Išėjo tėvelis į mišką", In 2010 with "Kolorado Vabalai" recorded Lithuanian pop music album "25/34". All three albums have been played in Lithuanian radio stations in the US and
some in Lithuania. In 2005 joined rock band Slick Machine, still performs with them every year during the Sturgis Rally and at the local venues; in 2011 started a new project: Euro-pop duo "Amber Band" and also continues his career as a solo performer.