Gintaras - Hamburg Germany’s Lithuanian folk-dance group, “Gintaras”, has performed for over 30 years. While the individual members of the folk-dance group and the artistic directors have changed, it is the joy of Lithuanian folk- dancing that keeps the group living over time. The current artistic director and dancer herself is Agneta Rosemann.

The dancers range from the youngest being 13 to the oldest being over 50. The “Gintaras” dancers perform not only folk dances, but also folklore dances which delight not only Lithuanians living abroad but also local Germans.

Twice, in 2014 and 2018, “Gintaras” participated in Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival representing Lithuanians living outside of Lithuania. In 2017 “Gintaras” was invited to the International Dance Festival in Palanga Lithuania. In 2018, “Gintaras” performed together with Sweden’s Stockholm Baltic Folk Dance Group at their 15-year anniversary.

Locally in Hamburg “Gintaras” always delights everyone during Lithuanian February 16 Independence Day celebrations. Gintaras always pleasantly entertains audiences for Summer Solstice Celebration whether it be Lübeck, Berlin or Hamburg. The folk-dance group is very proud and appreciative to have been invited to dance on July 14, 2018 at the Westphal Peace Prize Ceremony in Munster.