Gintarė Jautakaitė

Gintarė Jautakaitė - Internationally acclaimed performer, composer, pianist, singer Gintarė is a former child prodigy and classically trained pianist, laureate of multitude of festivals and competitions, author of music for films and theater, a poet, a painter, music programmer, producer, sound designer, - that’s to say the least about this multi-talented multilingual  international superstar.

Born in Lithuania she is, to date, the only one the whole entire former East Europe to be signed and released by two giants of music industry SONY and EMI in England with her album “EARTHLESS” recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London reaching the top of the charts and winning the best album cover of the year 2000.

She worked with film producers such as Ray Williams (“Last Emperor’’, ”Steeling Beauty” and was managed and produced by Elton John’s producer Guss Dudgeon, working with giants such as Lincoln Clapp (Whitney  Huston, Eric Clapton, Arietta Franklin, John Travolta and many other stars. Her music is in Hollywood blockbuster films with Vin Diesel and others and in countless documentaries, most recently a spectacular film “Raw Faith”.

She has performed in the presence of his holiness Pope John Paul and her song “Lily of the Lord” has reached the anthem proportions in her native Lithuania and was repeatedly performed at Dainú Šventė and by 25,000 strong choir in 2008 in Vilnius conducted by her sister Salvinija Jautakaitė.

In her field of popular music being the only one ever from that geographical region to built an unquestionably solid and luminous carrier, - an astounding and historical achievement for her native Lithuania.


Gintarė Jautakaitė