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Stand with Ukraine Foundation presents –
Vsiudysvoia, Orest Galitsky and others

Stand With Ukraine Foundation is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization whose mission is to save, support, strengthen and sustain Ukraine, the front line of world freedom and peace, being defended with the lives of the brave.

Today we are the #1 glocal (local and global) movement dedicated to providing humanitarian war relief, fighting misinformation, promoting Ukrainian culture, and advocating for policies that support Ukraine in its struggle for freedom.

SWU Foundation runs multiple volunteer centers handling humanitarian aid. We purchase, collect, package and ship life-saving medical aid, as well as basic military supplies, all of which Ukraine desperately needs as a result of the Russian invasion.

Thank you all, who serve with heart, lend a hand, save lives, stand with Ukraine and make a difference!

Please visit our website:

Ukraininan performers:

1. Vsiudysvoia. Ukrainian musician and songwriter.

2.  Orest Galitsky. Ukrainian singer, songwriter, music producer.

3. World’s largest dance flashmob to support Ukraine by Stand with Ukraine Foundation

Stand with Ukraine
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