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The Lithuanian Opera of Chicago

The Lithuanian Opera of Chicago is a unique national opera in the diaspora, which has been operating since 1956. For the last several decades the opera company enlisting well-known Lithuanian artists have staged performances here in the US in the Lithuanian language.  Taking into account all the performances over the years, one can see that the choir has played a significant role in the Lithuanian community.  In addition to opera works, the Lithuanian Opera of Chicago participates in various other artistic projects, such as motifs from the theatrical concert “The Devil’s Bride”, the musical “Shnekučiai”, a remote New Year’s concert, the 70th anniversary of the Lithuanian community in the USA concert and others.  From the inception of the opera company, the performers take their responsibility seriously and continue its mission with dedication. This year, 2022, The Lithuanian Opera of Chicago presented Georges Bizet’s opera CARMEN.

It is the most staged opera in the world. It has a French Spanish Temperament, an intriguing plot about a Spanish gypsy who chose death in the name of freedom and love. But first of all, one hears wonderful, familiar everyday music in various situations.  In Lithuania, as in the rest of the world, this opera was and is a favorite of everyone. The story of Carmen is the most vibrant cultural folklore of our century about the mysterious nature of women.

Lithuanian Opera of Chicago
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