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Laimute Benešiūnaite Fedosejeva

The Consulate General of Lithuania invites you to learn the art of papercutting with Laimutė Benešiūnaitė Fedosejeva!

Laimutė Fedosejeva was born in Karaliaučius (Kaliningrad), graduated from Šiauliai University, later studied at Vilnius University. She currently works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Business Management, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences. However, according to the artist herself, 'wherever I am and whatever I do, papercutting runs all through my life." L. Fedosejeva is a member of the Union of Lithuanian Folk Artists since 2001, artist, certified master of traditional crafts (paper cuttings, carvings) and laureate of the prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. The artist has organized over 40 personal exhibitions, participated in more than 50 creative projects in Lithuania, Great Britain, Japan, Latvia and other countries.

At the invitation of the Consulate General of Lithuania, L. Fedosejeva is coming to the Lithuanian Days and will share the secrets of her artisanship with the guests of Lithuanian Days. The exact location and time of the lessons will be announced later. We invite you not to miss this unique opportunity!

Laimute Benešiūnaite Fedosejeva
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